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Fleurosophy Diem Acrylic Preserved Rose Box – Feminine Red

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Fleurosophy Diem Acrylic Preserved Rose Box – Feminine Red

The morning garden captures life.

Brighten someone special’s day with one of our Diem series box, and the rest of the day is a breeze. This one is not so shy- the clear box seemingly suspends nine roses in air, for all to see. Simply a show-off piece that anybody will instantly admire and notice.


Height: 13.5cm (approx. 5.5 inches)

Width: 16cm (approx.6.5 inches)

Length: 16cm (approx. 6.5 inches)

Included in the package:

– Nine Eternal Roses: Grown, nourished, and hand-picked from Ecuador, where the finest roses in the world come from.

– Clear Crystal Case: The Roses are set inside an elegant and stylish clear acrylic box.

– Designer Gift Box Packaging: Each of our items are packaged stylishly in an elegant box, which opens up for a dramatic reveal.

– Customizable Greeting Card: Each Fleurosophy item also comes with a sleek and stylish metal greeting card in black. This timeless greeting card can be customized to hold up to 40 English words- enough for a sweet message, dedication, or even a simple passage. Personalize each Fleurosophy gift with words and meaning.

– Optional Personalized Steel Badge: At a small additional cost, a printed stainless steel badge can be attached at the base. This badge can be personalized with a name for that special someone, to make each flower uniquely dedicated to the recipient. The stylized name print is a must to make your gift all the more special.

For Customized Names or Messages:

In giving us the specific name or message to be included in the metal card or the optional badges, please put the message between brackets or parentheses. For example:

Example 1, Personalized Badge:


Example 2, Customized Greeting Card message:


Happy Valentines Day!

Love Patrick)

Please note that we will only put the words indicated inside the brackets and we will follow the punctuations and capitalizations given.

For customers who did not opt for the personal badge and/or did not leave any instructions about what they want for a customized message, the badge/card will contain the Fleurosophy logo as a default.